Friday, December 9, 2011

Replica Watches-Why Are They So Popular

By David Weavers on June 26, 2011

Every day when you flip through page 3, ever wondered how is it that even a second rung actor, who's played second fiddle to a supporting actor, can afford a Rolex or even a Louis Vitton every time he or she makes an appearance? Well that's possible, thanks to the efforts of the replica industry! Never mind when the film fraternity shouts its lungs out saying NO to piracy! You will find most of the crowd shopping for genuine replicas in Karama (Dubai) or Pantip (Bangkok).

Let's face it, we all have would like to wear a genuine Rolex or Omega at least once in our life time. But not everyone can afford it. Replicas are more popular that the original one's because of its affordability. In most cases a genuine fake is more genuine than a genuine! It's sometimes manufactured by the same supplier, but at dirt cheap rates! Hey! But what exactly is a replica? Apart from the obvious answer that it is a duplicate of a genuine product,cartier love necklace replica, a replica is much more than that. This does not mean that a replica has to be a product of inferior quality. For instance, what is the difference between a genuine Swiss watch and a fake Swiss watch? The only difference probably is in the place of construction, the design and the functions are almost the same. Why not economize for such a miniscule difference. There are a number of websites that offer genuine replicas of the original watches at attractive prices. These sites not only claim to have strict Quality control measures,cartier love bracelet gold sale, but also guarantee safe delivery.

Among the replica watch industry, these can be broadly classified into three different categories-the Chinese (price range within $120 to $ 150), the Japanese (price range within $240 to $ 300) and finally the Swiss watches that can cost anywhere up to $1000 and above. The Chinese manufactured watches may look great; the price may sound great, but are made up of sub-standard materials and may quickly wear away. The Japanese made replicas are made with finer materials such as stainless steel and are manufactured accurately to match the genuine ones. Swiss watches are made from precious and semi precious materials including gold and diamonds. The work is so precise that a novice wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

A replica of a Cartier Ballon Blue De can range from anywhere within $ 54 to $ 70. A Cartier Roadster White Face Ladies watch comes at an attractive $169.

There are many sites today that review replica watches. All that a prospective buyer has to do is search on these sites for information. They even have a top ten list of the best replicas.

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