Monday, December 19, 2011

My Future Grasp in My Hand Which Is Not A Dream

By Isabella TU on December 26, 2010

"I know my future is not a dream." This song has always flowed in my ears constantly. I think everyone has an ideal for himself, and the ideal is also an part of the future, everyone has a different interpretations to the future.

There were many people who asked me what would I want to own in the future,cartier love ring, I would tell him that there is a detail planning of my future. In the planning it must have the car, the house and everything I want to own. I will try my best to finish the planning. Then one night, I had dreamed that I became a rich man, everything all of the items in my planning are all missing. There is a voice sounded in my mind which keeps sounding all the time: everything is not yours... not yours... Finally, I was awakened in the black night. But my mind didn't seem to awaken from the dream, but fantasized about being rich in the dream, when I opened my eyes, and glanced around the room, only to find this room is not the room that I had ever owned in the dream, it seemed as if nothing never happened. From then on, I realized that found the fact that we should learn and understand everything of the future. We should also make our dream come true through our own efforts that we cannot sit there wait for it. It doesn't come to you himself.

Now I would like to tell the world and the universe that: "My future is not a dream." It seems there is an echo made up of several words repeated continuously: Yes,cartier love ring white gold price, in the coming days. We should have to redouble our efforts to become an excellent people to serve for our country.

We must take the dream back to the reality, and don't let the dream become a hollow dream. Dreams are made of natural, but the future must rely on our own efforts to achieve it. To pass the every minute adequate from the start now, step by step, your dreams will come true sooner or later, and then you will climb the peak of life. Every day in the future, we must always tell ourselves that my future is not a dream.

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