Friday, December 16, 2011

Choose The Right Jewelry To Dazzle Her

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First off, let's talk about the most important factor before you buy that big stone. Unfortunately, practicality is the first thing that you need to think of. Is your pretty girl allergic to any type of metal or even crystal? If you have no idea, try to remember what type of crystal jewelry you see her often wearing. If you still have no idea, go neutral, and get something in gold and silver. An item that would have both would be hitting two stones with one gift. That is, consider buying an item made of gold, to make the cubic zirconia jewelry look very classy; and, silver, to make it a daily item that she could wear. Something to remind her of you every single day; which she will not have to take off, even to bathe.

Men tend to become pretty predictable.

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Next, consider colour. Is your maiden fair haired? Is she a brunette, or a flame haired titian darling? These are essential, since you will be purchasing an item that would have to look good on her type of complexion or colouring.

So what should you consider when choosing jewelry for her?

These are but a few of the situations that would set off a shopping spree of jewelry for the beloved partner.

If they feel that tonight is the night they would be popping the big question, they go look for the korean jewelry.
If they created the biggest mistake that has prompted sweetheart not to take his calls, answer his messages, or leave a voice mail instead of answering the phone, they go out and purchase really handmade jewelry.
If they have forgotten an anniversary, or even worse, his darling's birthday, what would you expect, but seeing him at the jeweller's.

Lastly, the most important factor of all, and one that is telling of your taste, is style. Since you will be purchasing this yourself, a sort of, surprise yet important token that she is worth to you, so you need to find an item that is classy yet charming, bold yet endearing. These may be quite difficult to look for, but then again, the best advice is to go with that you feel would best suit her.

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