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jewelry - A unique fashion In India

Every woman is crazy about the diamond jewelry. If a person wants to look different in the crowd of thousand then diamond is the only way. The stunning diamond comes in different colors, sizes and qualities while the diamond used in ornaments are clear, fine and white. The color of diamond ranges from yellow, brown to pink that adds variety to the diamond jewelry. Now diamonds are not only wearing in marriages but they have become an exclusive part of every occasion whether it is a birthday or anniversary.

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The fashion is incomplete without the jewelry. It enhances the beauty of women and signifies the status of people. Initially it was a part of an elite section but with the passage of time, all sections have started wearing jewelry. Other than gold that has made its base earlier, various other metals are used for making jewelry.

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An artificial jewelry adds a touch of stylishness to the personality of a person. One can choose from variety of options that distinguishes from other items in designs and colors. These accessories are worn by women and girls as these are cheap as compared to gold counterparts. Such antiques are also known as disposable jewelry as one can change it as per the attire of person. If you wear fashion accessories everyday, it will not make a hole in your pocket. The variety ranges from bracelets, chains, to rings and earrings with various designs in metals such as wood, plastic, glass, stone studded and shells. Wearing such collection is safe in late night parties as compared to other expensive ornaments.

Those days are gone when people were least concerned about their lifestyle but now people are more concern about their status and image in society.

The gold jewelry is an indispensable piece, which can be found in any wardrobe. The most popular way of wearing is a curb link necklace or bracelet that comes in various styles, textures and colors while boys can go for huge and heavy gold chains. The right textures and best collection of gold jewelry makes a person attractive in the crowd of thousand. Fancy embossed gold pieces goes well with un-patterned and plain style clothes. Person should buy gold that best coordinated with the skin tones. Some of the major gold colors are white, yellow and rose gold.

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Silver is use extensively for making ornaments as it proves to be quite affordable, lustrous, trendy and available in wide varieties. These mesmerizing ornaments are difficult to ignore due to their elegant and natural appeal. The pure silver is a type of silver that contains 99% of silver and has a glossy finish with softness. This jewelry is used for making handmade necklaces, bangles, and ear rings.

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