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Do Not Do The Following 4 Things After Wake up

By Serena Du on January 14, 2011

Do not Do the Following 4 Things after Wake up

Lead: personal health is very important, especially in the elderly can play a significant role in health, and some details of inattention can cause unnecessary trouble, and even cause illness. After waking up you know the four things you can not do?

Personal health: after waking up do not do 4 things

1, a bogey love bed

Love can not afford to wake up after the bed is now more and more people, especially holidays. Who can not afford to have had love bed (regardless of the young and old) people will have such feelings: love bed, sleep and more time, I feel that legs were heavy, apathetic, there are "more sleep the more tired" "The more sleep the more uncomfortable" feeling, the result, not as busy with work or study every day when it was full of energy. Love bed disrupted normal patterns of life on weekdays, so that the body clock was wrong in many points.
2, two bogey old got up to urinate after waking

Morning wake up, it may have been filled with urine in the bladder, there is a sense of wait to urinate, urinate more urgent, the more tolerant about, and not immediately get up to urinate, especially the elderly, urinate upright position to avoid . Because bladder emptying easily lead to dizziness, syncope or even urinate.

3, the three avoid strenuous exercise immediately after waking

Many people, after the habit of morning exercise appropriate,pre owned Cartier, as long as attention is indeed beneficial to health. However, the movement must look in the morning after the break until the blood only after the running balance of yin and yang. If you wake up, are also not prepared to activities, they will immediately put into motion more violent, prone to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accident.

4, four-bogey do not eat breakfast

Many people believe that breakfast is not important to eat may eat; there are many people for various reasons (sleep late too late to eat, or the girl to "lose weight" diet and do not eat) do not eat breakfast. Because of other reasons to accelerate the pace of life, the current prevalence of "casual breakfast, lunch and improvise, dinner rich" phenomenon, which is contrary to the principles of scientific eating, is the diet of errors. Do not eat breakfast or eat well,mens Cartier ring online, will directly affect the work of the morning, learning efficiency.

Because of the uneven nutrient intake damage the brain, because the brain depends mainly on glucose to provide energy. Just imagine, from the beginning to the morning and evening after dinner, has been fasting for 12 hours long, this time the body significantly decreased blood glucose, the brain is an energy crisis, if not promptly added, will be subject to damage. Just in time to eat breakfast, eat breakfast, blood sugar, with an increasing, "crisis" can be lifted; the brain's sensitivity is improved, in work and study and more efficient.

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